ESL Virtuoso MK II

Better high frequency resolution.
Better low frequency response.
No need for high damping factor.
More fine tuning options.


Euridiche Headphones

The Euridiche is a result of years and years of Research and Development, keeping in focus to reach the experience of the real music, without any compromise.


Fortissimo Tube Amplifier

The features of Fortissimo are the warmth and natural sounding of tubes, with extreme details with outstanding technical parameters.

Design principles

Euridiche electrostatic headphone series was born where the ideas of most innovative technologies meet the traditional craftmanship.

The sound of perfection

We consciously chose the newest Eco-friendly, high-tech engineering materials with natural primordial ones.
The result is a true joy, for all human senses, in most possible environment friendly way.
However, keeping in focus the most important goal in this project, to reach the real magic of emotions through the music. To create a new level in headphone design.

Electrostatic driver

All these can be reached only with love and passion through very careful manufacturing in low quantities.
To choose an electrostatic driver for building our headphones, was a clear decision.
At first, it is the only way to reproduce a no compromise music experience and sound quality, through the entire human hearing spectrum and even beyond.
The second is our more than 25 years of experience in electrostatic manufacturing field, with several Soltanus Acoustics innovations, we built in these products.

Design innovations
used in Euridiche series

Our standpoint in designing the manufacturing processes is, to keep the principles and materials which have been proven over time, combined with newest scientific approach.

3D sound field

Built in switch regulates the tonality of the headphones in 3 steps, depending on your preference, record and used system, in high frequency band.

Air Flow stator

Air Flow stator matrix design gives you a possible minimal air turbulence during air motion through them. The segments are aerodynamically designed.

Lifetime durability

The 2 microns thin membrane capsule is easily changeable by it's user, for lifetime durability of our product.

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