In the development of Euridiche 3D we used even more from the possibilities of the innovative 3D printing technology. The purpose was to implement two new ideas from aerodynamic sciences and to reduce the weight of the headphone keeping the virtues of the first model. The first idea was to make aerodynamically ideal, airplane wing-like forms for the stator-electrode matrix elements, instead of round cross sections, to create ideal turbulence free airflow.
The second idea was to turn the wing profiles an exact angle backwards, for guided airflow, to make the sound direction firing to the ear. This way we expected sound field to become even more holographic.
The result is an AIR FLOW stator design allowing a turbulence free guided air pressure spreading directly to your ears in a proper angle.
In addition, we have several times lighter stator components than we could build from any metallic material.

Design Innovations

  1. Sectioned two way stator design with several advantages (Euridiche and Euridiche 3D):
    – With built in switch the tonality of the headphones can be regulated in 3 steps, depending on your preference, record and used system, in high frequency band. (1KHz and above)
    – This configuration gives you a real 3D sound field, because the high frequency content is focused from the front side of the membrane to your ears, and not from the center like it usually is, on the headphones.
  2. Air Flow stator matrix design gives you a possible minimal air turbulence during air motion through them. The segments are aerodynamically designed, like the wings of the airplanes. This way we can eliminate all of the harshness caused on any other perforated type of stators.
  3. The segments of the stator matrix are focused backwards directly on your ears, to create sound stage like live orchestra in the concert hall, or the loudspeakers in your listening room.
  4. Easy changeable membrane capsule, for lifetime durability of our product. The only thing in the electrostatic driver what can be damaged over years, is the extremely thin membrane. The owner can change them easy without soldering, just with a few screws. That is the reason why the screws aren’t hidden.
  5. Standard XLR/mini XLR connectors for easy cable change and easier storage.


Our standpoint in designing the manufacturing processes is, to keep the principles and materials which have been proven over time, combined with newest scientific approach.

From hand sewn genuine Italian leather parts, through laser cutting, to newest 3D printing technology, all parts are carefully hand assembled.

Why 3D printing?

  • The newest 3D printing technology gives a precise, repeatable, durable product, ideal for high quality low mass production.
  • Also ideal for Research and Development, both for new, and for the existing products.
  • Possible manufacturing, extremely lightweight and strong peaces, hollowed out inside. This is important for your comfort during long listening sessions.
  • Parts with this complexity can’t be manufactured by other technologies.
  • We use high performance biopolymer made from renewable resources. The material is fully biodegradable and compostable.
The high frequency response is adjustable in 3 positions, +2/0/-2dB with built in switch, without crossover and any phase distortion.
The built in 3 pin mini XLR connector allows an easy wire disconnecting from your Euridiche headphones, for cable changing or easier storaging.
The 2 microns thin and extremely large (104mm) membrane is easily changeable by it’s user. No need for any soldering. The large surface of the membrane allows even the infra sound reproduction and the low mass an uninterrupted ultrasound reproduction, specific only to exceptional electrostatic type of transducers.
The Euridiche 3D stators are developed using the latest 3D modelling and printing technology for natural, relaxing, detailed sound and smooth frequency response, from infra to ultrasound range. The huge open area percentage, the aerodynamicaly evolved surfaces and the rigid construction specify the excellent behaviour of this transducer. The AIR FLOW design eliminates any turbulence what causes harshness in the sound, specific to some other electrostatic headphones.
The newly invented Soltanus Acoustics, two-part, segmented headphone stator creates a real 3D sound field. The high frequency content is focused from the front side of the membrane to your ears, not from the center like it usually is, on the headphones. This way the headphone creates a sound stage infront of you and not across your head.
Hand crafted genuine leather ear pads and head band are built in for good humidity handling during listening sessions to prevent any unpleasant or allergic reaction.
The lightweight enclosure is 3D printed from high performance biopolymer, made from renewable resources. The material is fully biodegradable and compostable. So after the lifetime of the product, it leaves a minimal ecological footprint. The energy needed for manufacturing these parts is several times less than for the parts made of metal, or even plastics by injection molding.

Electrostatic Headphone Driver Unit

With Soltanus Acoustics Electrostatic Headphone Driver unit we ensure the required High-Voltage audio signal necessary to the electrostatic headphones.
The design is the most simple and robust as possible, with high quality built in materials to match with the outstanding electrostatic sound quality.
This device with it’s uncolored sound, leaves you a freedom in choosing the amplifier or headphone amplifier just to your taste.
There are no any additional unnecessary electronics integrated, only the two audio transformers and a simple power supply to make the signal path absolutely simple.
Our Audio step up transformers are wounded by hand to ensure highest quality in high frequency range and use an extremely over sized cross section cores, what enables high impedance and outstanding low frequency reproduction.
The housing is made from solid 6mm and 3mm aluminium alloy sheets, preventing vibrations or generating any eddy currents by transformers.
The housing can be used vertically, to use it as a headphone stand, and horizontally too, as usual.

Specifications Headphone


Push-Pull Open Back, Circular, Two Way, Adjustable Electrostatic Headphone


Segmented, 3D printed AIR FLOW stators


2 microns thin, 104mm in diameter, easy changeable capsule

Frequency Response:

from infra to ultra sound range

Electrostatic Capacitance:

90pF (including cable)


177kΩ (including cable, at 10kHz)

Sound Pressure Sensitivity:

97dBC/200V RMS 1 kHz

Maximum Sound Pressure:


Bias Voltage:

580V DC

Left & Right Identification:

“L” and “R” indicated inside the arc assembly.

Ear Pads/Head Band:

Genuine Italian Lamb Leather


Silver-coated OFC


450g without cable

Specifications Electrostatic Headphone Driver Unit


High voltage Step Up Transformer Driving Unit for Electrostatic Headphones

Maximum Output Voltage

600V RMS

Frequency Response

up to 40KHz


100Ohms at 20Hz

Bias voltage



227mm x 227mm x 76mm




Custom Binding Posts


3 Pin XLR x 2, Stax 5 Pin connectors

Maximum Input Voltage



230V or 115V AC max 100mA