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The fortissimo full tube amplifier is built around the Euridiche series, to reach the electrostatic sound quality.
The features of Fortissimo are the warmth and natural sounding of tubes, with extreme details with outstanding technical parameters.
Furthermore, for an extremely dynamic response, we made an oversized design with several times bigger power output than the headphones could ever need.
Because of its high power capability, the Fortissimo can drive even loudspeakers.
The housing is made from solid 6mm and 3mm aluminum alloy sheets, preventing vibrations or generating any eddy currents by transformers.



Full tube, Electrostatic Headphone, Dynamic Headphone, Loudspeaker Amplifier


RCA x 4

Input Impedance


Outputs For Electrostatic Headphones

2 x 3 Pin XLR, 5 Pin Stax connector

Outputs For Dynamic or Planar Headphones

4 Pin XLR balanced or 1/4″ (6.3mm) stereo headphone output

Outputs For Loudspeakers

Custom Binding Posts

Driver Tubes

2x ECF 80

Power Tubes

8x 6005


2x20W@8 Ohms (recommended speakers are with higher sensitivity, minimum 6 Ohms)

Max. Power Consumption


Remote control for volume


430mm x 360mm x 130mm